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he should be making a lot more, You are welcome. At least Its still fun. fortnite got both higher win ratio and aloooot higher kd Daniel Hernandez-Arroyo lets just say there equal The best player for me is TSM dauquean and TSM mith I was today years old when I learned depressive is a word Both of you stop making me having a storke reading of your both comment Man talks about a stroke while having one I really used to skip school to play this game and they just ruined damn bring back the good times Its sad knowing I will never get this experience again I miss fortnite season 1 so much.

If I see what you are talking about I will change it The Airside Yeah but I figured I might as well for people who want to see it all at once : Triass777 It only took like 45 min lol Im late to this but i wouldve voted for Delirious lol Why tf would you write this if its at the bottom of the clip Septonix Fortnite mabey he has no life No efence but ya kinda wasted yo time as there is lyrics at the bottom of the screen well done anyway though.

You can literally setup a macro in 2 minutes to turbo build when its not on. But loved it I Remember when I thought I could live in the storm in buildings Same. Spray Meta, go to school No fortnite is the best foortnight player Because players werent good back then your watching an old website I miss old fortnite he was wayyyyy better before fortnite looks like Hacker xD Can you make a Roblox account please Bruh I dont understand why everything we liked is now different, only up to blue raritys, dont hate Roader Matte even with the lyrics on the screen who wrote the wrong words Roader Matte fun fact did you know that this song has the lyrics so basically you just wasting your time Roader Matte Im not hating Im just saying that there are CC LOOOL just had a peek on your channel, and you finding and destroying my squad, The gameplay is still the same just different texture, cant wait to see more fortnite content bro.

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