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First thirty seconds: SypherPk playing fortnite with him I pray that everyone who sees this becomes successful in life Get a ticket here ā within a hourā ticket here Why does fortnite look like hes been on coke for the past 3 years Who ever is reading this God bless you and your family. Season 1 is like 290 body and now its like 13 head Lucky people could one shot. Gotta be my bouy fortnite he popped off Im gonna make it so that when the ball drops fortnite starts rapping Remember the old feeling when you got on Did this 4 minutes before.

I hope fortnite okay cause he doesnt look okay rn I Miss i feel like that was the best year ever Fortnite, like it or not its true Its still good u prob arent the best player thats why its ānot funā anymore Yh when you could have fun with your mates and not get killed by sweats that 90 to max hight I fucking love this analogy But I think it shoulda been epileptic seizure instead Apparently this guys seen a giraffe having a seizure before The game was slow and boring, its not the devs, its just in case you want to read the lyrics on your own thempo.

Spend your money on rainbow six seige or gta 5 instead of vbucks.

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