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Ive starting playing in December Me too bro me too. 1نمههمç¸وممممموهمممم ن¸وممممww èوممم-مممZEâ Once he got that 4th kill he was prepared for the rest of the game with the weapons he had!!. The sounds, now its hard to even stay alive ARYAN GAMER nope, it is not recommended as the game setting will have to be very low, build.

The map wasnt as good as it it Season 10 The game is still fun Season 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 battle passes have been amazing Wdym everybody who plays fortnite is a sweat I was ten and I played fortnite in og days Your right i have ride the pony from season two because of the map True but tac smg is to fucking op, Dakotaz flow wasnt good. And you arent even a korean.

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