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He had more then a million subs before he played fortnite FaZe_ Martin it will be good again once they nerf the henchmen This comment was 2 months ago in gsyyy Malicious Cheese Win win situation Other way around And also this game was picking up anyway Everyone can say what they want I dont want to play Fortnite anymore because in my opinion the game is just boring and I hate the chapter teo map its just trash Malicious Cheese H1Z1 made him popular CAPTn TRUE people say the game made him popular I agree but I also know al lot of people who didnt play the game at the time and watched him because the game looked interesting so they downloaded it because of his streams and website.

everything Bro was dropping 32 kills while we were still learning If the game was still like this he could get like a 90 kill win All that success outside of this game and he still enjoys playing it.

StarGaming Shqip thank you i have a android Zurg most android phones dont, landing shifty? So put that negative thoughts out of your mind :) I mean its not trash but sorry and idk you so yeah It was still trash in the beginning it was annoying as hell I think Fortnite just got 100x better ever since chapter 2 came out Lmao ur calling him 5 so ur probs 11 cuz u still play fortgay Hello people.

We didnt know how good it was until it was gone R. Yo i lobe you guys you are my favorite singers NerdOut.

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