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1 star apartment Bro this song was a banger back then it still is Ultranium Sweaty players still existed but they just werent as good and were considered sweaty at the time because they were way above the average player skill. Who remembers the time where getting just 5 kills was cool and not just some 11 year olds tryharding I still remember when this dropped MAN this brings back memories Hyperbeam 21567 Yeah.

I remember watching him in 2018 when I was younger fortnite enjoying this game makes me want to force myself to play this game Loving seeing this man enjoy the game Its really nice to see fortnite enjoying the game again that helped grow his channel even bigger than it was He look happy and tired at the same time Its so good to see fortnite having a great time playing fortnite again Good to see the legend enjoy the game again.

It same its rare for me to get a kill I suck I celebrate when i dont accidently land in the water Honestly same lolo! Way cooler looking than the Famas in the game now.

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