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Refreshes consistently streak on screen specifying how another player was killed X killed Y with an explosive, looks like hes having fun Man it feel so good seeing fortnite enjoying i saw this on live stream dude im very happy that i was there and its like old fortnite is back Im so happy to see fortnite enjoying fortnite again Come back in season 7 please The good old days where fortnite would drop 25 kills landing at tilted I havent played Fortnite in so long Its so good just to see fortnite play fortnite again.

And omg season 1is a completely different game to how it is now. Like this if you are hyped? Ya mean Al Dusty Cuz your profile is Vanoss Its honesly the best part in the song. This gives me nostalgia so much man. Hell go up to about 15 mil max.

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