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­ Ridho Alfaathir Nur i freaking love delirious I just song it and it got recommended for me Nope i sang this to me friend and they sang along Ye I was vibing when I came back ­ That song was legendary in the old days Lets be honest h2O is the most nostalgic in this song cant get over that laugh man 2:12 the part we are all here for ( Delirious ) My favourite was definitely fortnite cause he the best fornite streamer and he makes the best website of fortnite !

I would get hyped when I got 1 kill by bush camping I get hyped only when I drop 78 bombs in solo double squads Yeh cuz thats the highest kill i could get before Get hyped when you get a kill back then aaa understandable, and I dont even like fortnite Je suis le fran├ais qui est l├á gr├ce ├á Unchained ­­­ Likez si vous ├tes fran├ais ­ Whos watching this in quarantine because your bored Angel melly is so slow at building they had to fast forward Fortgang clips fuck yes my lads need to be in part 3 There all better than u and i bet u im better than you Fisirsh Eyes drud du, amazing times, then CDN then dakotaz Bro i remember when the music teacher played this song in the class and the boys were all singing it ­ God i miss old fortnite Cutem 2301 lol its not i was in 5th grade and the boys wanted to play this song and the teacher played it, season 1-4 were the best season fr ­­ ILikeFortnit e ur name is ILikeFortnite u clown Duck that shit.

in the edit i said i meant to say after. Old tilted will forever be in my memory. Jo this old fortnite was the best game in the word.

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