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They probably couldnt get him on this. honsetly ur trash dude i agree tho but there was a little bit It was probably still toxic we just never cared. H2O DELIRIOIS You be qiuit cuz he is better then yuo Frosted Cryo I hop it is I love his canil Tom Bowes his name is not Craig its Johnathan Whelp wasnt expecting to see you here dood Tom Bowes deliriouss name is johnathan H20 DELIROUS was the best in my opinion he did great man really really good the second best was halocene she did great El primero fue el que ms me gust y todos los dems el de fortnite no mucho pero estuvo bueno la verdad pero me gustaron ms los otros Now the toxic 9 year olds are gonna comment wHen tHe gAme wAs fuN while they are the one who ruined the game Duuude Delirious should rap more.

On the top right section of the page, there are many Broooo i miss when fortnite used to constantly go for the best Dont know why this is in my recommended, Minecraft has more active players than Fortnite right now Wow chapter 3 season one and Im still listening I would anything to go back to these days.

I still play it every now and then but it doesnt have the same feeling (mainly because its not new anymore so its kinda stale I guess, of course it started off casually but it now it has evolved into a competitive game and youre complaining about it because you couldnt adapt to the meta smh.

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