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he just believes you cant get nostalgic from something somewhat new but not old Aaden Baez who said nerd out was trash I love nerd out just dont like fortnite in my Opinion I Hit Clipz ur opinion wasnt needed under the Delirious Army I thought we were The Teddy Bear army You prob listen to logic if you think that was good Yea delirious army rise to to the top!!!!!.

Oscrash totalmente de acuerdo contigo, Ôman I told you they talk about my snipesÔ You are the best sniper in fortnite ez Dakotaz funny thing is Snipes is my last name Im serious­­­ Damn dakotaz can rap man. H2ODelirious your laugh at the end of your rap was beautiful H2ODelirious army!!forever can you give me a shoutout H2ODelirious that. How ironic they were addicted far more then I was back then but Im the one who stayed with it! Yep memories.

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