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Wir werden dich niemals vergessen fortniteā I watch this website to miss these times Watching this in and wanting to go back. but i am trash in singing it Yep. š Atleast when you get a victory royale it meant so much back then, its easy af. Chapter 2, the graphics and the players have learned to play and it makes the competitive game more entertaining, seach this thing and later talk Who is the best I enjoyed it till the end of 8 season Geimer Shqip trust me man, into a slurp.

I miss old fortniteš This just spells out old fortnite nostalgic times I remember listen to this 3 years ago I was in year 5 when this song came out and i learnt all the lyrics now im in year 9 and i still remember it all lmao My favourite part was were PetersHD rapped, this Huwuba guy got buthurt about me calling fortnite kids ten year old so he then claims that I am not part of a country I was born and raised in?


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