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Nitro is beaX he streams for 10 hours a day so its going to happen Yes because people got better and you have a chance to make money by being good Crazy how far the game has came and went down­ Like for old school fortnite ­ I know you searched something along the lines of fortnite highest kill game.

The burst shoots 3 bullets at a time and each bullet does 20 or more depending on rarity Ive been playing for 3 days by now and its really hard to land with the full automatic, he doesnt let kills throw his game off, I miss old fortnite­ Almost 4 years ago :(.

But even then fortnite had beat Neighbor so id say as far as individual talent goes its safe to say fortnite is the best Getting good at halo gives you the ability to get good at any game if you try. Capricous Star I have no idea who she is but halocene was pretty smooth too Jvimmez Pr the game is no longer fun because they always make things worse after each season and the players are now much better than in season 1 2 or 3 Alican Oyman every season up until season X was solid, logo, OGs favorite song, etc they should make a separate game called Fortnite classic where people can play the old map and have the old mechanics So true, i remember when i used to play with the boys and have dun, everyone is a sweat its frustrating and the game itself is boring This is old and still turbo building wasnt enabled Yeah same miss playing back in season 1 and 2 Sanjay Ernest I miss this soooo much The old fortnite was fucking way better, thats why 3 were down every time he came across a Ôduo!

Now these days theirs only 12 year olds who are very competitive.

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