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This was total fire Finnzy and what are you about 11 lmao They are good agian( the pumps at least) No i always thought this song was shit OMG YES I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THIS SONG ­­ Johntah Is fortnite XD doesnt mean people ever danced to it, 2k players know her from Tyceno Only people Im familiar with are Delirious and fortnite, everything was great.

also one of the likes is blue for some reason Ah back when fortnite was actually good now its just utter crap CDN 3rd - Dusty my spot Kids - whats Dusty Depot Epic Games teaser - hold my beer Cristian Montero me is very happy I mad dat Gingie went back I was going to but my remote was dead Xander Massallo bro me I got hyped to play it Xander Massallo me after this I got like 5 wins Me but dont have money to buy a ps or a xnox Xander Massallo me and the annoying thing is that I cant Just saying i play on xbox plz dont hate Trey Wells 2nd account back then fortnite was what its supposed to be Youre only saying that because you started playing 2 days ago Fortnite was so good now its trash and shit Craig oh no no somebody spam that like on Craig oh no nos reply damn son what a roast you a real Demi god It was lowkey ruined with this fortnite bullshit Bruh you seven year olds dont even know how good your childhood would have been with Minecraft Would agree if this was a minecraft website Or GTA San Andreas or NFS Mos Wanted, obviously you didnt play back then because your like 9.

­ fortnite and Tfue will always be better than Mongraal and Bugha I know the damage stats are the same but aesthetically the purple tac looked so nice when it was in the game. 1 New Subscriber ­­ Yeah before you came along! He did if you watch his reaction to this he states why wasnt I in it Luka Mikael Lindberg i think too but with fortnite Mum to see you then we can do the same the morning and I will be able and what the same the same and then the morning and I will be in touch and let the same the morning to see you soon and what is the morning ÔTriggered trash kids when their salt is increasedÔ Lol fortnite sounds like he recorded his voice from a basement Just found out angelmelly was in this song?

Go spread your hate elsewhere. Anyways who cares Ill just re-upload.

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