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Oscrash totalmente de acuerdo contigo, their facing their public fears because they look up to you. they need to make different maps from different seasons POV: this was on your home page 3 years later Even if they bring back the old map it will not gona be the same people spaming on their keyboard aim is soo god the new map didnt ruin the game the pros ruined it I feel like the game died at the begging of chapter 2 :( Back when building was just a general convenience and for making small bases.

It has inspired me to be a Fortnite player and because of this my parents got a divorce as they continued to fight. G├annis not rlly lmao the sweats did it used to be fun but then people created:90s,highground retakes and Fortnite started having competitions Bruh you need practise watch faze sway getting thirty bombs Imma try to explain his point of view.

Happy birthday this beautiful song about this amazing game is 4 years old lets fucking gooo ­ Yup no sweats who camp creative 247 I think hes talkin about the times where there was no Corona Fortnite When fortnite was good times where better Pixelfixgames - you wanna play fortnite When playground and Creative didnt existed and you couldnt Break the Things in spawn Island?

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