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Longer games can go on around 20 minutes, remember getting excited to come home from school and just playe until we were all fatigued and we probably didnt win a game cuz we were all bad. this is why I hate this chapter 2 much Omg ngl i trulee connekt wit dis comment It doesnt hit different fortnite is stinky poo Next all of the guns will be vaulted.

:( The Moment wegen you give 220er Shots with the Grey Pump and now only 160er. This season is so fun and its really good I recommend it no joke I mean when u think about it tho he used to get over 2mil per website now hes getting like a quarter of those views so his channel really is dying I dont miss old seasons.

Fortnite is the best what is the best fortnite is the best fortnite fortnite lets go I got it all night all night for sure Cemdem750 Gaming DK is the best I am, if that is what youre talking about. Sean O Moalreana ok i see what your saying What I meant was season 1-2 where the fun days and now it was dead The problem is that at the moment there are more tryharder than the past It not that theres more tryharders, Everyone.

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