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and i dont want little kids crying and commenting that its still a fun game and making my comment a whole argument. Getting your first win, rex (green crest) and the red one maybe is the default one, when you dont upload gameplay Wizard Wizard earn the subscription, you would be required to work hard? Owen McElwee No the grey pump literally does 70 damage if you get a direct body shot Yeah there is aim bot henchmen and aim bot midas Owen McElwee ya but the gray pumps actually do that Blue Springflower thats why its spray meta cuz you cant hit good pump shots anymore Ur pump does 70 damage damn I thought it only done 20 bc its trash No one builds max the shot down all the time So true now you aim at there head with a gold pump and they hit for 30 some times Acr0z the legendary pump does 30 to the head Awesome Sauce saying someone is bad at fortnite is not even an insult anymore.

Now we are SWIMMING like were dolphins. If it wasnt for season 7, I enjoy the building aspect except the fact people have learned out the pattern of how to instant build at 4 by 4.

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