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Its crap unlike this rap on the track Yea the brutes are f annoying I remember when pleasant was basically tilted in season 1 and 2 Facts remember playing with the bois having fun Shoot someone and they spam build with about 400 mats and then i just leave cause i cba with that shit VenomousCobra it was never good I was jut addicted to it back when this came out You guys are bad fortnite is the best Yea but trust me its ganna get good again Bc u cant take a good game like this and throw it away Everybody who says fortnite is trash at the game I dont think so honestly.

Oh look theres a scar with a bandage 1. Dude, what you say makes sense. Yeah same i was in 7th grade too. You should have gotten Daeqaun and Myth on this track NerdOut. This was also the best decision i made fortnite is the best dude XDXXDXDXD PLAY THIS AT 11:56:37 AND IT WILL PLAY fortnite VERSE ON NEW YEAR Jesus I was in 5th grade and Im crying Dam i was 13 wen dis shi came out now im abt to turn 17 in 3 months I swear a lot of the things that becomes a trend, get me back to right now.

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