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Peeceer I mean I dont know anybody who would want to lose and just give up The community is far more toxic than it used to be Its just a game would you rather loose Tyson Hamblin dude why the hell you spittin straight fax tho 1000th like tytyrytyyy around of a plose for me Alex Gherghina youre the only one that disagrees and you calling us dumb for saying facts is disappointing. Derek imrecordingbequite fortnite this aint no fucking school Jay B I paralyzed a no skin player once with it If you cant get a clear shot, pc is 10000x better than console.

I used to love the game a perfect game No sweats Everyone was bad except a select few Played with my brother So much Maxximulis, he started saying random crap. There are multiple stairs in the Battle Royale of Fortnite and stairs is one of them. When people are bad a game is fun!

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