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This brings back so many memories ­­ 16:49 he tried to dodge the shot­ Congratulations fortnite THE BEST PLAYER OF FORTNITE ­ Hope I never see fortnite in the same game with me. Sure it was okay but not the best game ever. So I am loving the vids Youre not alone, a sweat would build a 2 by 1 and lazer you Bro I listened to this so long ago and remembered it and I still know the lyrics YH I DO I RLLY WISH THE OLD FORTNITE WAS BACK ­­ Yep, now its just a marvels game basically lol I was in 7 grade as well.

Fyah Rucker once again everybody knows. Im not a tryhard who play everyday so i dont know why yall calling me trash ­­­ probably you tryhards who watch fortnite every second of their lives­­­ Ive had a zero kill game and finished second.

And the fun fact is, and tbh I made lots of friends and memories playing fortnite and I could careless if toxic a kids want to make fun of me for it Jonathan espinoza I still play the game.

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