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Its not that exciting. Get over it fortnite is the biggest game at the moment 256m players a month and thats bc the recent updates are amazing. This IS SO GUD WHEN ITS 1. Why commenting this was post 3 years ago How i do it every day with my friends Lets be honest at least he used inverted commas Landing clocktower brings back memories Yea it was hella fun coming home from middle school Cant believe this game is gonna be 5 years old wtffff :( Theres to much sweats now you cant even enjoy the game no more I still remember the last day we all played together but didnt realized it would be the last :,) Yep.

The skill level has risen so much its insane. the old days Im the master of every game when I put this on Just synced this banger with the start of I miss the old days when me and the boys would play this song while in a game. Ive seen fortnite missing a lot of his shots lately.

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