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P the Tag OG R. Back, and whoÔs official lore is sheÔs IO attempting to infiltrate the Seven). I WANT TO BE LIKE HIM. I miss when building was something extra you do on the side to get around places and not box fight like its the world cup I actually miss the OG burst. Pov: You come back to chill and remember the good old times ­ The sounds are like ASMR to my ears its so nostalgic Bruh, he sounds like that now AustinPlay H2O was better than nerdout Delirious is the Hider but also the Troll :P See how Minecraft took 8 years for some website to reach 100 mil views but takes old fortnite to bring all these people to bring it to 100 mil in 2 years and we got some OGs here and I respect them since some of these players in this song dont even play fortnite anymore Lwoa mind ur own business plus I like both games very much Well of corse he has da name on under the screen Why does it sounds like 3 gta characters FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE EXACTLY LIKE ME!!, youre just longing for the past because you were happier back then, I get hyped over 1 kill :D I get hyped when i am in 99th place Most kills i have got is 3, no one is a legend the other one is just a myth I really miss the old animations to shields Nostalgia­­­­­­­ That sound when you picked up rare weapons was so nastalgic GOOT (not goat!

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