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the good ol days, time really passes by so fast. That was stupid when they nerfed them Yea I remember when shotguns were snipers! YOUR PICTURE IS XXXTENTACION I KISS HIM Fortnite Clips i watch ur vids all day when i stop playing fortnite 2:26 Fortnite logic.

Been 4 years and still listening to this, you on the ground crying Im jumping of a launch pad landing in the trees Sniped from above,peeking through the leaves Playin hide and seek, dont start getting clever. Im better than fortnite! Anyone who reads this comment god bless you all Well let me tell you about real music Creeper Aw Man Frankie-ROBLOX and more u got one letter wrong too ImHyper just like the game its dying Carter Bell you are not a cool dude if you play this childish game.

Following the huge prominence of Fortnite - presently a detailed 45 million players - there have been a few reports calling Fortnite habit-forming for kids and guaranteeing that the game incites rivalry related rage.

55 of the people in the game Ptetre que dans la game a Gotaga y avais que des bambi mais au moin il jouait pas avec un lance roq close range Back in the days where fortnite used to be so bad i dont get why people wanna go back fortnite is better now because u could build a lot and im in champions league in arena and old fortnite everyone was so bad lol and now its good because im good and the updates are better pog champ yessir yessir pog champ yassss OG grey pumps are better than Gold pumps.

Good old times I listened to this song one time and I already know the lyrics.

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