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Haha that means america is germany. i guess he was lucky and so was i. True, did research and called themselves OGs Savage Gamer Boyz I dont play on Xbox Yep I miss smoke grenades and the Tommie gun Yep actually season 1 with og skully I played when there was only solos­ 5am season 2 aint og gtfo season 1 is where its at tho Started mid s1 round recon expert came back for the last time in season 1 I was able to cop that then all ch1 battlepasses but I remember no toxicity where people didnt take the game seriously you know I miss those times Its insane how different this game has become, the last time I streamed on Twitch was probably about 3 months ago lol.

I miss when the game looked and played like this I miss tilted it was the only spot in the game I knew like the back of my hand fortnite ur literally the best player in the whole wide world and make the best content.

im still watching my twitch clips from the past­ I remember when this was released almost 4 years ago I would always rap it with my friends in primary school, they dont turn into a building in a snap.

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