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Omg i love when cdnthe3rd sings. Fortnite wont ever be the same. I dont even play fortnite nowadays season 2 was my prime now.

The sweats of the games were top streamers like fortnite. The famous H2O laugh at the end of his part I cant believe you made that like I wouldnt even think of making a rap battle in fortnite Im like playing valorant ranked rn and now im in a round with him Tell me how halocene got more peice control than me I still remember when saying YEET was SO cool.

:D H2ODelirious Teddy bear is proud of you I love the laugh at the end of your rap Amazing job man I nerver thought that you will be in a rap battle and you did good on your first time keep up your work and keep doing you This man Delirious got them MAD BARS YO!!!!

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