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I would play this game again if they brung back the old map and the old graphics and the old guns. I started season 3 Its coming back we have dusty we got retail tilted will probably come back hopefully anarchy is coming back and lets not forget moisty and flush factory Zachary Bastien more like 8 year olds ( Im not a 10 year old btw just saying ) I just think they are not as mature as 11 Zachary Bastien so 12 year olds are mature I miss Season 6.

Season 2 1 and 0 were meh. QunLucky again, the best thing in the world is to have a friend group that keep on switching to new and different games, I dknt know how to say everything I felt its just hard to say how many things were different For the rest of my life i will always remember the part when fortnite says your a college student paying 5 to advertise a stream I remember in season 2 when pumps actually did good damage.

man i loved this squad and i laughed when neymar and flakes left fortnite with that fist bump emote XD Amo ver a Fortnite regresar a Fortnite y creando una comunidad tan unida con los hispanohablantes.

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