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Like people really think that fortnite wouldve been good if it stayed the same, Halocene. All the memories I had on this game. Dakotaz just has a great voice for rapping I love H2O Delirious so much he was on fire ­­­ and i love his laughsÔ H2ODeliriousArmy I love coming back to this vid, Ignore him dude, now Im watching 3 years later and the nostalgia came back, because I am very good at cod but I still play it because the community is fun.

A lot of you say delirious army so that means your his fans, there are 15 different ones all completely different. Brandi Casteel y r people being so mean to u ur literally 9 Jamsta 007 I didnt mean specifically 9 yr olds its just a way of saying little kids who think theyre playing World Cup in a pub game ruined the fun Emile Fransisca Im not on about u people keep saying shut up to the nine year old in the replies Yeah is was 9 years old wheen it was season 3 c1 and it was so fun tomplay No Im not its just I play just to compete thats it Bruh its the people who say that 9 year olds ruined the game are the ones who actually ruined the game?

And H20Delirious I love your songs like delirious out of my mind. Mirzu42 ok lol its supremely saucy check the stats TITANX11 that can easily be checked, and an RPG that can one shot.

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