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P retail row Welcome back drum gun Just because it doesnt already say the lyrics on the bottom of the screen Rythalion u took the time to write it out Rythalion man that must took a long time to type bro but Ill like You forgot a small bit right before angelmellys bit It already says the lyrics in the website on screen though Family Stigzelius I watch website on my iPad and phone I wrote the lyrics on my phone while I watched the subtitles on the other screen WizardDog 33482 Yeah it diddnt take that long though.

No they dont its just so ppl are bad and cant take kill the pros im not saying ur bad Lol not talking shit but it does sound like ur bad but there is a lot of tryhards Tryhard no I dont play that game anymore its getting boring First of all i aint a kid second of all my pc is gona becuz i destroyed it i could play from my friends pc but idk if he gona let me play Rain Fox you only hatin cause you aint him.

Imo means in my opinion said it in second comment. Starting of the game has 97 dudes an when first circle closes in there are only 30 people left Were just saying that people are getting way more sweaty Yeahhhh !!!. Season 0-7 was amazing.

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