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Yea they will,after this FIREEE­­­­ Dakotaz your verse was 100 the best, nature! no his lyrics were bad. Pov ur here in wishing u can go back Its so sad because of fortnights seasons changes And it keeps getting trash and trash or I want the old times back Now is chapher 3 three this is good memories Hey look this was when fortnite was actually relevant This website was bad ass and it was when fortnite was a bad ass. So i mean if u wanna say im not an og player cuz of when i joined website and i said that ppl started getting good at fortnite around season 4-6 then go ahead.

Get Tim back in on this. Everything things that can be purchased with V-Bucks are just stylish and dont influence on interactivity. Im slowly getting better and its fun :) Brooke Sup bro, Dakotaz flow wasnt good.

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