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It was way in September when the game came out. when we wanna remember the good times we had Just change the whole thing back honestly.

All the players in this website that fortnite just killed are most probably sweats right now Whoever says that fortniteHyper (Old fortnite) is bad literally hasnt lived a proper life. Lazy lake!. P Old Fortnite - I miss it too i never play it because it doesnt feel the same It goes in wrong way but I still like this game Yeah i play it every now and then but it will never feel the same of staying up to see the new season or geting up early to see it but its still sort of fun i guess The game is new the real old game is like 4 years Ye its like 2 yrs old cus before battleroyal as well I hated it awful map and the weapons were nowhere near balanced Stop being so dramatic its only like a year old!

You have potential though.

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