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I dont think theres anything to criticize bruh DeadMan Walking i bet ur one of those haterz that takes the game to serious so u hatin kuz u kant do wat he just did Jake Bishop yh i cant do what he did i aint no hater js I dont understand whats wrong with that I think these people mistook you for jake as both of you have white letter with an orange background DeadMan Walking in telling you man he had issues Lmaooo my bad i thought u were him xD Dont take everything so serious.

Ah good times when this game was relevant Heres how it should be now. I am, the viewage. The updates were all bland, but because of playground and creative people were getting better really fast Creative just allowed ppl to get better in general as soon as creative came out everyone was improving Thats cuz they never got off the game and never got off creative playground was chill but as it changed to creative people did not get offf the game and people played for fun so all the sweats who didnt touch grass became so good it wasnt fun for chill playwrs I eat pancakes For Dinner how can you miss the old fortnite he wasnt even talking much Id rather have him do impressive stuff like this than talk much on his family friendly stream.

I still play about once a month just to check the game out but I can never play for over an hour because its just not fun trying to keep up with these toxic 9 year olds. get over the fact that pc is the best.

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