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­­ Lets be honest, but my paren say i shouldnt :(, no skill based matched making, i will play with my cousin Season 1,2 fortnite was prime content wise and skill wise I wish we would live in this time forever ­­­ Its honestly so sad seeing this great game go from this.

It started dying around season 9 and died in season X or Chapter 2 season 1 Now i can agree with that but s9 was good but black hole aka ass hile was the end of fortnite it destoyed fortnite H20 DELIRIOUS SHOULD OF SUNG SOME MORE BUT HIM AND fortnite PART WAS A BEAST Fortnite now sucks the fun ended when season 4 ended. Orange Lol da master bcc or master troller is heree trololololol Wait a minute. Lol the drinks bring back all the memories ­ The Gamer4life lmao i have no clue bruh­ů Nobody here waste time responding to that DEVI kid he is obviously a troll who came here to annoy people and ruin a peaceful comment Shaked Michaeli no youre not 18 look at your pfp FOR THE LAST TIME FORTNITE IS NOT ÔnostalgicÔ Infernyl lol that was like 5 years ago Arno o The game changes so fast, reading patch notes, now its definitely a kids game I think kids were literally always their target audience but youre entitled to your own opinion.

Also I play on trash settings and I play arena between champion and div 7 everyday on my 60 FPS 67 of 720p resolution 60 ping and I fo against people who might even have 240hz 0 ping.

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