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The good times when people didnt crank 90s on you and you could actually get a win I love fortnite thanks for including fortnite hes fire Well we were the kids lmao. MORE LIKE 20M Nicholas Lakatosh. Seasons 6 and 7 were ok but nothing compares to seasons 1-5. I literally became their best friend Hey I am going to call you later I have to talk to you tomorrow and I Alright i will like oops my finger slipped i hit the dislike button i guess it will just sit there like that?

H20 delirious 5. STUPID EPIC TOOK EM AWAY And now a shotgun that charges up and deals like 289 damage to the head SS - 04VN - Fernforest PS (1414) whats your name XD I bet ur wishin for those 70 damage pumps back now that the tac does 9 damage average XD So true I miss old fortnite if it was the same I wouldnt have quit They always did that much damage for me Grim what about maruturs and sharks in c2s3 The burst are better now, glad to see you having fun on Fortnite again Fortnite.

and now he is a sweat :) I play on pc and theres a difference from a weeaboo and someone who just watches anime Havent played since Ch2 s3 and ch2 s2 those were the days where fortnite was best for me Bruh you reminded me about the hacker Bob the builder in s1 or 2 I dont remember but I would rather die by that hacker than any other sweat And u ruined the game whoop whoop yeah well rune the game for us how fun,delete fornite and that will be one less sweat.

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