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and btw get better grammar Alessandro Castiglia yeah thats because he knocked out two people already then he killed that guy which was apart of the same squad so they all died at once GXShot thats good to me too my highest is 14 ānew thing bad old thing good durrrrā When people didnt build a 5 star hotelš These sound effects in the first few seconds (Burst,pickaxe, the true competitive FN players dont sweat in public matches. The toxic ones are the ones that dont go outside ofc. Also just cause they change up the meta and ur too trash to afloat, ban every good player.

I mean I am always respectful to my elders and I am not ungrateful and played fortnite then got bored and liked it again Youre right, gun fights will never be as skilled (analog controllers need to use some aim assist to compensate for not being as accurate as a mouse and keyboard. Ez The tips and tricks website would be 10 seconds and all he would say is practice makes perfect Means that i liked it when fortnite cursed and didnt get mad when other people cursed Saim fahad this was when he wasnt family friendly.

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