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Im from season 2. 25 speed is sick His rhymes were kinda random but he was pretty good. Bursts also do a lot more headshot damage Weaver Clan the green pump (which is now the blue pump) does wayyy more damage than the purple tac (which is now a blue tac) Whenever i hear this it reminds me of old fortnite OMG DUDE I LOVED THAT WHEN I TO WATCH HIM Jajaja me imagino que tu eres noob al lado de el :v Does anyone else feel like we canceled fortnite a little too early, Hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha By underground do you mean undertail They live in a house above ground.

Nibzy honestly i dont think kids would be playing bo4 cause you have to pay while you dont have to pay anything to play fortnite, not his best game in Fortnite DooM Netj has world record for highest kills in solo squads so I dont think fortnite has no competition so there is no reason you should be able to automatically assume hes the best. Thank you Epic Games for all the memories I started crying when I watched this today. (I played during season 4 chapter 1) STF 29 cause its all dark on his face cam fortnite: 32 kill solo squad Me: 0 no matter what mode Bro grey pump does 220 damage and miss tilted towers and:now gold pump does 203 damage Who wants the old Fortnite music back Who says fortnite is not that gr8 anymore i feel its even cool its getting betterwe can carry people and all we have henchmen and bosses who carry MYTHIC items How do u play FORTNITE sooooooooo Clean Man donated 100 and got a I love u 2 money well spent When Nija plays fortnite the game is so easy but when you play its all B.

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