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If its not able to run very smooth on apple. fortnite was already the biggest gamer before fortnite Was out. and the og times. Season 9 was where all the tryhards were at, now the VICTORY royale is just another win for me nothing special Bro thats still happens what are you saying It still does dude but the times then were epic CauDeePee he wasnt trying to spell were.

Fr, fortnite and delirious and melly The Bush (H2O Delirious) is the best Listen to this on 1. if they are going to complain about how hard it is then clearly they dont need to play the game on pc. Still great H20deleriouses verse was the best no debate Bro j remember singing this in school with my friends Who is here in watching this like Oh the old times God I miss the good old Fortnite days.

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