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Those good old days I wish i could come back there If only we knew back then how amazing (and bad) this was. Now in season 6 shotguns do like 7 and then 3 days later pump 200 new shotgun 220 Adam Rahim they do damage in season 6 Well Im from the future and they do a lot more now Eric S do you no you cant spell Know I been waiting for this moment to say its back boiiii Only b.

Ive actually got 33 no proof :) Super Mega Ultra SS 88 Rightwing Purity Death Squad It is opinion Super Mega Ultra SS 88 Rightwing Purity Death Squad its a website game, I memorized all the lyrics Yh ik all the lyrics because they are on the screen duh This music website is what got me into rapping Its coronacation and its chapter2 season3 JustArcher cause we miss the old Fortnite cause know its shit Cause it was when fortnite was good and everyone misses it SAME IM SHOCKED THAT IM NOT THE ONLY PERSON I had no idea, i just start to play this game again at season 7 inmy free time, now blue color of weapon is blue.

Am I the only one bored and laying in bed watching old vids Man that 1_egg guy was going completely bananas on em Season 1: LETS GO I GOT MY FIRST EVER WIN. What I love most about fortnite is the fact that hes the same humble guy he was before he became one of the biggest streamers on twitch. Because epic fucked the game up.

There is likewise a level of enjoyable to the game with Christmas and dinosaur outfits accessible for procurement.

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