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3 years later. This game has rly changed POV: youre here after pressing most popular website. I was hoping this could help Thelitkids Kozel thanks dude. Ive seen fortnite missing a lot of his shots lately. please make sure to show this young G some love because he is a rap star. 799km Fletcher117 if its a friend camping for you it doesnt count xD NorfolkBlue Racing Have fun playing it :D Jhin I am having fun :D Played 2 hours today, mostly dusty divot or the best update ever aka the racetrack, especially with all the new updated Its not as fun as it used to be i started at season 3 and it was the peak of the game U have Dj yonder on ur profile picture Mike Myers I started at the end of season 3 The Adynman u dont know what stream sniping is I wish the people on the comment section would grow up, i would play fortnite the whole day.

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