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default skin!. Go ninj;) People are saying back when fortnite was good me- back when people played fortnite Really, no se metan en estas discusiones de sus dioses Hey fortnite. Everybody be quiet Dont want the enemy seeing me When Im hiding Ducked in the bushes Never see me spying Silencer on the pistol You on the ground crying Im flying off the launch pad Landing in the trees Sniped from above Peeking through the leaves Playin hide and seek Yeah Im deadly with the squeeze Listen You can look around But youll never find me H20 Delirious Verse was the best This came out a year ago, no random This is probably the most wholesome he has ever been playing Fortnite.

Well, only up to blue raritys. Trade anything for either Ive watched this as many kills as he got Ive been watching so many of old fn games i miss it so much i quit the game a while ago but i miss these times all of the friends i had no toxicness fortnite is like the dream of every 14 year old; streaming, the days where anyone new could get into the game without requiring to build hotels every fight Ahhh the good old days when even the supposed BEST PLAYER would take damage from rocket launching himself in a match that he got 32 kills.

Thats the first place I landed at when I joined fortnite Only ogs remember hop rocks in dusty Yeah same, he might have seen those guys a while back and sorta knew their general location.

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