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And they hadnt ruined the game with all the shitty new stuff and shotguns were actually good 1vs1 me if you ar not a noop Epic name zozakourdi im playing console Grimm Tv Y same wasnt it the best seasons Omg now that i think of it thats true now lobbys are just full of sweatys Im from season 1 and i am not a sweaty infact im pretty shit so i just spend time playing gta and farcry because.

to the good old days. A mouse, weapons and emotes have also been released and some are coming soon. they act like kings when they kill someone but when they get killed they break their computer then go on Twitter to complain while crying like a baby. Ah the good old days you know why i think everyone misses fortnite becasue everyone started playing this game in the summer of and it was so chill just a great place for you to play with friends and just have fun the whole day thats the element of the game everyone misses epic was lucky that fortnite gained populatiry in the summer Y pensar que el no era un pro sino que los otros estaban empezado a jugar 25.

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