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Fortnite really fell off and its sad too see. will always miss. However, those keyboard pressing are intense, ahhh miss that time Before: Grey pump does 230 headshot damage Now: blue pump cant even one shot kill someone So nostalgic I miss these times now people double ramp wall rush u:( La mejor partida de fortnite y la mas popular If the game was still like this Id play Miss these days when times were simple :( This was the only time period of fortnite that i liked and enjoyed Remember in season 2 coming out of tilted with 4 kills was incredible When he broke the floor above him to get the loot above him, i dont think i will ever enjoy gaming that much ever again This were the times when Fortnite was fun to play ­ Malicious Cheese he was famous before playing other games Paolo it all depends on what we would consider famous Ok paolo we all consider famous the same and fortnite was barely known back then Maybe do something to your name kid.

Lmao I got 2 kills once and I was so happy­­ Gaming raptor epic and sweats ruined it but mostly epic s10 mechs s9 no pumps s9 removed tilted maybe before I dont remember and so many more things Ben Maloney I would honestly rather play apex Bro im 10 and im poping 15 kill games My highest kill game 23 solo I remember I thought 6 kills was insane Now I think like 8 kills are the norm Nah i do a lot of memes but i only do that in arena David Toncev thats still being a tryhard how can you even get 15 kills in arena against other tryhards I want the game to look like this at season 6 Oh shi- the memories bro still know most the lyrics im gonna cry dudeeeee 3 years later.

But nothing beats this game in the prime­ There are hundreds its just people are to busy wasting their lives reminiscing on the past when they could be making new memories Sounds like you were a sweat my dude Jordan Vargas go back to toy story dellor The reason they do 70 damage is because you missed your shot, Fine Thanks for replying!

Many members of the community have left the game along with the websiters? p old fortnite, are not only embarrassing.

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