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I actually like both games. It makes me sad to think that this came out 3 years ago, your welcome. Ive hidden full games so many times in fortnite ive never been able to do that in pubg because the map is so big Incognito - and since the map is so big the end circle is too hard to predict where it will be MetalHead Pikachu bruh love the name Nathaniel Guerrero well in That game You need actual aim He doesnt.

Then now big difference like every time i get in a game i am always followed by sweats with the spider-man skin because i have og skins leave me be man I cant believe I used to die to those noobs Back when sniper reload and draw out sounds were the same as ARs 220 una pump gris horita no pump morada lo hace Why am i watching this, if not its extremely unhealthy.

Its still a really popular game with many players.

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