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i cant exactly post pictures here. but he isnt which is surprising fortnite YOURE THE BEST To be honest all that kills is literally because he was spamming the RPG Season 1 2 3 or better than the others Youre a champion at this game. But thats what made those days special. Sorry for my english ­ Montavious Dominguez Bro I think shes like 6 Its not gonna fix the game.

I think that halocene won though Check out fabvl the guy that did chorus has his own channel and other raps my fav from him is super saiyan Cypher First delirious comment in awhile he doesnt get much praise but hit line was fire Me too bro, watch my vids if u think im lying Abbs4 youre good,but fortnite is better and thats not even what the unknown asked Sweetmikey yeah but i play on ps4 alot of try hards even im a try hard sometimes Thats the perfect description of my fortnite life Abb4s Mohd A lot of the good players are on pc but yes you are right about the noob part in a sense The Unknown everybody plays good in PC, and fortnite was more fun so i stuck to it but now i play cs again Bro spies and fucking planes are what made the game bad, whats your point Furiousgaming hes a hundred tiers above everyones level.

Nick Vasco I am disgusted too, when he was called Ô fortniteHyperÔ I like how at the beginning of this website he said im dead This was the time when fortnite was a playable and fun game. ScaryTerry its easier to get kills on console because it has worse players using worse controls.

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