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Mikael Andreas Bernhardsen you got Delirious mix up its hiding first Mikael Andreas Bernhardsen good ­­ Mikael Andreas Bernhardsen yeaaahhhh dupport subscribe!!!

:] H2ODelirious voting for u(even tho its been 3 monthXD)luv ur vids wish i could play with you because i also have xbox:) H2ODelirious you watch this guy his cool H2ODelirious OH NO PLEASE DONT KILL ME Pls do a face reveal we wont laugh we want to se how u look like I actually killed you one time, the sound of the missile being put into the rocket is so good Yeah, but I still like this old song cuz it gives me nostalgia, too childish.

Watch some websiters first game trust me at first they werent named. lol if youre watching this while in corona. They literally changed it so much, ter piece control sobre seu advers├rio e ainda ter uma edi├├o top! I dont deem it as toxic All u post is fortnite tf u mean­ Yeh Im just saying the game was better at this stage of time Its been ages and I still know all lyrics of by heart I know its only been 3 years but the nostalgia hits hard Its (happy new year) and this still brings back great memories like no giant build battles, but the current Fortnite isnt crap, just uninstall the game and play something like COD or Minecraft or Terraria or Overwatch (maybe not that last one), then I have players where i hit them for like 5 damage and they start building the tower Pisa.

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