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Nowadays theres so many good players and it makes the game less fun then what it was This isnt even the old map too! a noob isnt a intelligent person who dont buy useless shi in cringe games. H2ODelirious I am surprised, 3 were the glory days. Whuda Da Banana Dog was cry b b. I think you mean the old days cuz people will probably still sweat Yeeee why didnt they include wildcat tho Keeyuh M. The burst shoots 3 bullets at a time and each bullet does 20 or more depending on rarity Ive been playing for 3 days by now and its really hard to land with the full automatic, L but you play soooooo gooooooooood Back when it wasnt awkward to tell people you play fortnite fortnite: 32 kills squod I: i happy when i do 8kill Ive never played this game before but its entertaining to watch other people play it lol Back when websiters would always play squad nofill This vid still get comments, you did GREAT!.

The roulette system is also applied for not only weapon damage but weapon spread and loot also.

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