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Its like you said I would do anything to get one day at least on this fortnite shit was so good but Im afraid well never get it back We didnt realize we were making memories, it was goodly lol Aspalt shit was ass.

H2O DELIRIOIS You be qiuit cuz he is better then yuo Frosted Cryo I hop it is I love his canil Tom Bowes his name is not Craig its Johnathan Whelp wasnt expecting to see you here dood Tom Bowes deliriouss name is johnathan H20 DELIROUS was the best in my opinion he did great man really really good the second best was halocene she did great El primero fue el que ms me gust y todos los dems el de fortnite no mucho pero estuvo bueno la verdad pero me gustaron ms los otros Now the toxic 9 year olds are gonna comment wHen tHe gAme wAs fuN while they are the one who ruined the game Duuude Delirious should rap more.

Or, but back is season 2-3 it was amazing Well ya but thats before it was shit We all did but its sadly not as fun anymore It was good until season 8 and up in my opinion. But they added way to much stuff which made it so stupid and nonsense You guys arent sad that the old map was removed, became friends and all that. I came second and thought that was one of my best games. And when double pump was a thing. back then (seasons 1,2), bring og fortnite back Omg tru Ive played since season 3 (chapter 1) Thing is fortnite already dead like i the biggest sweat stopped playing Still sweats are leaving no one likes fortnite even sweats hate it What u mean comeback us OGs where always here destroying the sweats like me and my M8 keep on getting dubs against sweats I mean the people who quit or rarely play Thats gonna take a while but i have apex and cod until then.

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