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I was a bush and the last guy was healing right next to me? Cdn is the only one that can put 3 YAEETs in a 40 sec verse and sound good Luke Barrett fOrtNIte, it started at season 2 When fortnite was actually fun ­­ TRU Tide Pod he does not sound like himself Oneugandan Knuckles he used his better mic in this website LemmeGunVitalis I shed at tear rip season 2-3 I played since day 1 and i can say that Season 2 was the best one LemmeGunVitalis Season 3 is Season 2 Aww man so we back in the mine hot our pickaxe swinging from side to side side side to side LemmeGunVitalis imagine being that nerd that can only respect his own opinion And its fortnite who cares lmao Anybody else here when almost everybody in this rap has quit fortnite You know.

This was when it was a decent game now it just sucks a How dare you say the soft a. Songs­­ Alejandro Bustillos really dude I already said that Reece Clive they were actually dusty factories Christian Cruz yeah and I just told you my opinion, Im with them.

let them play against each other instead of ruining the fun for everyone else I agree with you 100 I love the game for the diverse combat gamplay the community maps people make are actually fun :3 but the people.

I STILL KNOW THE LYRICS Me when i got my first dub in season 2 I play this on groovy (discord) and I always start dying laughing ­ Spent the whole summer 1718 Learning this song.

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