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And would get a win with them. Like yes theres a lot of sweats now but at the same time thats just cuz people are good and thats how its meant to be. and season 10. rip Anarchy ğ I do miss the old days of fortnite Im going to like this Ya know Ive had 3 seasons right ğ I joined like 1 mounth after fortnite release Same its the best part go and check out round two of the rap battle What is this about I dont get what it means He is useing his beter mic he said it on Twitter Fort nite is the best game on world ok Dom dom No Cdn had the best one and I mean am I wrong Someone is better than fortnite its âRakanoooâ No its I dont care if they sniping and scoping Im really low on health il just heal in the open HEY GIBLET, just less so earlier on Another reason for that downhill thingy is that epic is having a lack of communication with the players.

Season 1 was good.

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