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fortnite was a good game back then Andor boss the boss I think season 3 was the best it had everything I thought was good RoxasPlaysPiano Ive watched at least 50 times I think I have a problem 100 times?

And the fact that is has a YU GI OH reference The new can you add me on a little nuts I bet a lot of the people here talking about nostalgia are even ogs مب ب Ceez is the best out of all the people in the website what an og When there wasnt cash cups world cups FNCS sweats creative mode flexers toxicity just peacefulness OMG!!!!11 NINGA WAS OBAJHDNAKLWPOMD0OL;SY BEST Chapter 3 now quit this game about a year ago and I search up a song nothing related to this see it and I knew I had to listen to this song again this really brings back memories of the best game ever I miss these seasons Half of these people probably played in season 4, l habla bien pinche raro.

A game so nostalgic and sweat-free. You never knew what you had until its really gone This game evolved sine day 1 till know its crazy Good times. SMH my fortnite it doesnt I felt like it been 4 or 5 years Feels like its been 5 and 1 year at the same time I watched this gameplay when it was some minutes or hours old Ur channel was created 2 years ago and this was uploaded 3 years ago so u must have been on a diff account or ur capping Carson stink it feels like 3 years ago I got hella sad because I remembered that were never getting this time of Fortnite back Im not sure why those times were the most memorable to all people?

I can remember when this first came out 3 years ago. I liked fortnite the most and also keep up the good work love your vids.

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