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Still great to listen to and this makes me want play this game more but I dont feel the same motivation to play but in season 6 chapter 2 I be playing all day I miss the good old days were all you did was have fun and no sweats were a thing­­ I miss playing season 2 to 7 so much it honestly hurts so much not to be able to go back Came back to vibe and remembered the lyrics!!.

Watching it on juneand 7 were the most fun for me. It was fun then season 5 comes along It wasnt only the mechs its the sweaty kids What you meant to say was: It was fun Then came season 5 I know its the beat but its kinda funny cuz that sounds like sand block The funniest comment Ive seen so far Krisz GD legendary find bro­­­ The Bust Man Oh well your the 8 year old you dont even know what Sarcasm is Krisz GD thats why it sounded like i know where it came from THIS IS FORTNITE NOT MINECRAFT ITS MAN Own teammate doesnt die from friend traps 3RB GAMER lol i mean that the enemy placed the trap Depressed Guy It WAS!!.

I wish I was good at fortnite ­ NerdOut. Im struggling to reach 1k­­­ XFOOTBALLKINGX this is closer to old fortnite then what we when today What do you mean by just Ôchapter 2Ô Same I have the blue squire skin I remember the old days no sweats Id just build a base on top of a house it was so fun We now have all the awful weapons, 1942 for Nintendo was awesome?

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