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Now every time I hear this song gives me an immense desire to cry because I remember the times of fortnite and the good times of black ops 2, sunlight. Omg ive came back to this song after 2 years I heard this song in 4th grade and its still goated and some many good time Favourite: CDNThe3rd­­­ Please make a sequel cause this is amazing ­­ Only OGs remember the shotgun shot across loot lake by MrGrimmz If you play fortnite from season 1-4 your an actual double pump og Lol I remember playing this in class Little did we know at the time but this was societys peak Uninstall the game because honesty your trash dude.

Might make 500 grand :D Nicholas Lakatosh you just died here in the comment section. Also I dont hate neither of those games just expressing my opinion dont hate me. Walks through an open field Gets sniped at the back Hello darkness my old friend. It is possible to ironically like something.

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