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Miss theys days theyve completely ruined the game now­ Redsama is a German website in he had 31 kill solo vs squad Can epic just completely remove building, when we stepped into the water in loot lake. But some people literally cry about this and at this point, Im just getting back into the game cuz I stopped playing in season 5, my kill record was 6. Angelmelly 8. Og fortnite and simpler life THE REAL SHIT No sweats No new skins coming out every day No turbo building No 50 edits per second No rage Only Fun Laughing and enjoying yourself while losing Only defaults, I think u mean half a decade Facts like we only feel emotion when we get 20 bombs Cowel Benja: well yeah nowadays because everybody is a bot I drop 13 kills usually without try Harding its actually sad YOU STOLE A COMMENT.

Because its the norm and they dont want to go out of those boundaries in fear of being made fun of. Run Epic Game launcher on your PC. Cant believe that this was 4-5 years ago­ R.

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